Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Coaching News

Well, you can't say you weren't warned. There's been more turnover in the coaching ranks.

First, you can chat up what's happening in the college ranks.
+ Rich Rodriguez at the University of Michigan has been fired. The former WV University head coach just couldn't right the ship in Ann Arbor and big time programs like Michigan aren't patient.
+ What were the things that heavily weighed against him? He was there three years and never beat U of M's nemesis Ohio State.
+ He also never beat interstate rival, Michigan State.
+ Getting blown out in the Gator Bowl also didn't help.

Second, in the pro's, 1 coach who seemed to be on the bubble is coming back.
+ Marvin Lewis, the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, is getting an extension after a horrible season.
+ The Bengals won just 4 games and lost 12.
+ Here's the kicker to the story: Lewis negotiated with the Bengals front office and owner Mike Brown to make changes in how the front office runs (source: ESPN).
+ So Lewis may get more input on football operations and facilities. I say, "Go Marvin!" Growing up in Ohio, the Bengals became known as the "Bungles" over the years. This once proud franchise started by Paul Brown, a football legend, deserves some breaks.

Chat it up and enjoy!


Unknown said...

Being a Michigan fan in this God-forsaken state has been bad enough, but with the football debacle over the last years it has been even worse. Now the news is that he may not get fired. Even though he has been pretty lousy over the past few seasons, I think a change for change sake is not a good idea. It means imploding the program again and starting with another philosophy. They have had enough problems with the current system and would probably have to bring in another type of player to completely change the system. It is hard being a Michigan fan and this is making it even tougher.

mity quinn said...

Marc, thanks for your comments. You're right; when you fire the head coach, it's a sign that you're starting over. Completely. Again. But Michigan's a big-time program and when they get the right person in there, they will return to the glory days and make the OSU-UM match-ups something to look forward to. But it's going to take some time and perhaps a change in recruiting.

Hang in there and thanks for stopping by!