Sunday, February 7, 2010

If you're not watching...

The Puppy Bowl and the Kitty Classic on Animal Planet, it's a must see! Words cannot describe how utterly adorable and hilarious they are.

Trust me...not to be missed!

More on the game later.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Super Bowl QBs

Hi Everyone,

Big shout out to my beloved sister in law who gave me the idea for today's blog topic.

Here's what you can chat up:
> This weekend's Super Bowl (which is the game between the champion of the AFC vs. the NFC conferences) features two of the game's best quarterbacks, sportsmen and citizens.
> Peyton Manning is the son of former Saints QB Archie Manning. The family grew up New Orleans and grew up, of course, pulling for the Saints. Now, the entire Manning clan is pulling for the Colts. Not unexpected but not without some friction.
> Peyton is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He's won the league MVP 4 times, which is a record. He's also a good citizen, quietly donating money to charities and has his own foundation. He also has the reputation for being a gentlemen; there's no 'I' when he talks about the Colts. It's always presented as, "We". He's a superstar but he doesn't feel the need to say that.
> Drew Brees is also a stellar QB. A Texas-raised gunslinger who went to Purdue. Some people didn't think he'd do well in the NFL because he's smaller than a lot of QBs (including Manning) but he proved them wrong.
> The San Diego Chargers drafted him but opted to let him go in order to allow Philip Rivers to play. Drew took it like a man and had his choice of teams including the Dolphins but ultimately chose the Saints.
> With his leadership, focus and discipline, he's helped get them into the Super Bowl.
> He's also a great citizen, pouring his heart and money into New Orleans. He's proud to play there, loves the people and they love him right back. Oh, and he gives a lot of $ to Purdue as well.
> Both Peyton and Drew are going to received very BIG raises. I hope they'll both continue to give big(ger) as a result.

I don't care who you cheer for this Sunday or if you don't care about the game. But care about these guys (and other good men in sports) because they carry themselves the way champions should.

So, chat them up and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sports Round-Up

Lots of topics hittin' the grill this morning:

> Kobe Bryant became the all-time leading scorer for the L.A. Lakers with 25,208 points.
> He passed Jerry West who played his entire career for the Lakers, as has Kobe.
> Couple of factoids to throw around today: Jerry West has two nicknames, "Mr. Clutch", because of his propensity to make the big plays and hit the big shots at the right time, and "The Logo", because he IS that silhouette in the NBA logo that you've seen a million times. He is
> You know who else Kobe has passed? Magic Johnson, Elgin Baylor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

From West coast to the East coast:
> The Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett passed Larry Bird -- also a Celtic and NBA great -- last night on the all-time scoring list.

> The Washington Capitals have been on a tear, winning 10 in a row.
> This is a hot streak but are they peaking at the right time or too early in the season?
> Alex Ovechkin is leading the way and is a prolific and exciting scorer.

College Basketball
> University of Kansas is back on top of the coaches poll. It's all Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk (a chant used at UK games. More factoids on that later.)

The grill is on early today so so chat it up and enjoy!