Friday, December 3, 2010

Ron Santo - Tough, Brave and Honest. RIP


This is a tough one to write about. Ron Santo, the voice of the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team, has died. He was just 70 years old and had suffered from diabetes for years.

Here's what you can chat up:
+ He was a Cub though and through. A 3rd baseman considered one of the best during his prime, he had a lifetime batting average of .277, 342 home runs and 1331 runs batted in.
+ Regrettably, he never made it into the Hall of Fame, though he came close and probably should have been inducted.
+ He became an announcer with the club and was a admitted "homer" = openly rooting for his team. Listening to him on the radio made you feel like he lived and died with each pitch, hit, run and error. There were times you didn't know what was going on because Ronnie was so over the top because he was caught up in the moment. He just couldn't find the words to tell you what he was seeing!
+ That's passion. That's love. That's who the Cubs and the fans will miss this season. And the next. And the next.

Summer nights spent listening to Ron on the radio often elicited stories from friends of the kind things he did. It also provoked sadness, like in 1998 when it appeared the Cubs were headed to the World Series and the "Bartman Incident" occurred. I remember his near-wail like voice, "no, no, no, no." Another dream, like the Hall of Fame, denied.

For the love of Ron, post some of your favorite memories of him. Let's send him out knowing he was a beloved baseball man.