Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love of the Game

Hello Friends,

Don't let ANYONE ever tell you that L-O-V-E has NOTHING to do with sports. You've probably heard that they're about money and power and success and fame. But it's also about LOVE.

Here's what you should chat up today.
+ NBA superstar Kevin Durant loves the game of basketball.
+ Rucker Park in NY is where some of the best players in the world have converged to play ball over the years. Some have never made it to the NBA but they LOVE the game and they are AMAZING.
+ If you didn't know it, NBA players are locked out.
+ The players and league are so far apart in negotiations right now, some players are talking about going to play overseas. Kobe in Turkey? Chris Paul in Beijing? Durant in NY? WHAT?
+ Last night, Kevin Durant played at Rucker Park.
+ The result was flat out phenomenal. Poetic. Fun. LOVE-ly.
+ He played for the love of the game. For the opportunity. For the fans. For himself.
+ He made zero $$ last night but oh, wasn't he rich? And the crowd and me are richer for it.
+ After watching this, may be you feel that way too.

Enjoy and chat. it. up.

At the same time, don't