Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday Morning Watercooler - NFL

Hello friends,

Here's what you can chat up tomorrow morning around the office coffee pot:

> Ben Roethlisberger returned to play for the Steelers and had a good game, beating the Cleveland Browns. Ask if you think he showed any signs of rust, nervousness, etc. Do you think he's earning back the respect of his teammates?

> The Dallas Cowboys, often known as America's Team, are now 1-5 losing to the lowly Minnesota Vikings, who are 2-4. Something that you can have people mull over: whether Cowboy Coach Wade Phillips will last the remainder of the season.

> It took overtime (OT) for the NE Patriots to beat the Baltimore Ravens. Are the Ravens that good to push NE to OT or are the Patriots really living up to their 4 -1 record? Reminder: this was the Patriots first game without wide-receiver Randy Moss. They did, however, re-acquire Deion Branch, who spent 4 years with the Seattle Seahawks before returning to NE and he MORE than held his own today.

That's it! Chat it up and Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Ball - Major League Playoffs

So we begin the next round of the Major League Baseball playoffs. A few select boys of summer have managed to make it into the fall. Here's what you can chat up:

+ It's an interesting group, Yankees vs. The Texas Rangers.
+ What you should be saying is, "What? The Texas Rangers made the playoffs much less the American League Championship Series?"
+ Yes, Dorothy, they did. Here's why it's an incredible story. This is the franchise that literally bet the farm on now Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez taking them to the playoffs. Never happened.
+ A-Rod agreed to move on to the Yankees, even switching positions from shortstop to 3rd base.
+ What the Rangers have done, in part due to Texas pitching legend Nolan Ryan, is re-group, re-commit and, FINALLY, win.
+ Two huge additions: Pitcher Cliff Lee and Outfielder Josh Hamilton. I'll talk about them in a different post.

Phillies vs. Giants - what to chat up
+ Philly has been here and beyond before. This is a steady team with strength across the board from Ryan Howard, to Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley (altho, not his best year), Cole Hamels and a pitcher who refused to quit, Roy Halladay. More later on him.
+ The Giants have have superb pitching and it starts with Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum.
+ Talk about whether the Giants can match up against the Phillies, who had no trouble sweeping the Cincinnati Reds in their best of 5 series.

Talk it up and Enjoy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

NFL: What to Watch

Hello friends,

Here's the NFL game I'm keeping my eye on today.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts. Here's what you can chat up:
> These are teams going different directions.
> The Chiefs won just 10 games in the past 3 seasons. Woah. Not good.
> This season, they are undefeated. In fact, they're the only undefeated team in the NFL.
> Indianapolis has won 1 Super Bowl and contended for another.
> Indianapolis has a losing record.

Talk about why the Colts are having problems. Is it with one of the NFL's best QB's? (Nope, it's not.) He's run a little hot and cold but the reality is, he's clutch. So talk about the Colts' defense and how it's not getting the job done.

Talk up why the Chiefs are doing well this year after YEARS of futility. He made huge changes to the roster. He got players to buy into a team mentality. He has veterans who are helping to lead the charge. BTW, he's got Charlie Weis, former coach at Notre Dame, on his staff. Weis has always earned points as a solid offensive coordinator.

So, talk it up and watch it today.


Friday, October 8, 2010

College Football and MLB Playoffs

Hello my non-sports loving friends. Here're some things to chat up this weekend:

College football
Alabama vs. South Carolina. Alabama is #1 in the polls i.e. the top rated college football team in the country. They're taking on #19 South Carolina. The Crimson Tide of Alabama have been tested and have had to come from behind.

Here's what you can chat up:
> The two coaches, Nick Saban of Alabama and Steve Spurrier of S.C. are crafty football veterans who aren't afraid to mix it up, call trick plays, pull out all the stops to win.
> S.C. is clearly the underdog and here's why: there's a lot of shake-up at the QB position for them.
> 'Bama has a Heisman Trophy winning running back, Mark Ingram. Though he didn't start the season opener due to injury, he make his mark.
> Count on the Tide winning but S.C. could give them a run for their money and an upset is possible.

MLB Playoffs

> Some teams are already down 2 games in the best of 5 series playoffs and it will take a heroic effort to climb back into the playoffs.
> Talk about the Cincinnati Reds. Manager Dusty Baker led the Reds to the top of the Central Division in the NL. But the Reds are now down 2 - 0 against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Reds started strong but then Reds committed 4 errors to lose.
> Talk about why DEFENSE is so important. As Dusty Baker said, we played better but lost the game b/c of the defense.
> The Reds must win the next game to stay in the playoffs.

Other teams whose backs are against the wall?
> Tampa Bay is down 2 to the Texas Rangers
> Minnesota is down 2 to the NY Yankees

Talk it up and Enjoy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big Ben Is Back

You've heard a lot about Ben Roethlisberger. This season, it hasn't been about his performance on the football field.

If you haven't heard, here's the (quick) skinny:

> He was accused of but not charged with sexual assault of a woman at a bar in Georgia.

> He was suspended 6 games by the NFL for violating the league's personal conduct policy. The suspension was later reduced to 4 games by the NFL Commissioner.

> Roethlisberger returned to the team this week.

Here's what you should be talking about:

> How will he play? He hasn't part of training camp and hasn't practiced with his receivers. Let's just say that timing between players, especially QB's and wide receivers is crucial.

> How will he be greeted by fans? Keep in mind, Pittsburgh is a great, proud sports town. Roethlisberger helped the Steelers win two Super Bowls. That said, lots of locals even my Aunt, one of the most loving and patient people I know (read: nun), thought Ben should be ashamed and should go. Terry Bradshaw, a Hall of Fame QB for the Steelers after winning FOUR Super Bowls, thought Big Ben should have been dumped.

> Has he changed? Is he a better man? Could he even be a better player?

Decide for yourself on October 17th when he is supposed to start against the Steelers' bitter rivals, the Cleveland Browns. It'll be in Pittsburgh and worth watching.

Thanks for dropping by the BBQ and talk it up amongst yourselves!

I'm Back in the Saddle


Sorry for the disappearance. I'm back on the radar and ready to add some lighter fluid to the coals and fire up the KQ Sports BBQ.

Here's what you should be talking about and why: the New England Patriots trading Randy Moss for a third round draft pick. Moss is a ridiculously-talented wide receiver in the National Football League. He makes ballet-like catches and should be a shoo-in to the Hall of Fame.

Here's what you've GOT to talk up:
> Why did he get traded? NE says it's a business decision and they wish him well. Others will say that he talked too much about his contract, disagreed with coaches and, perhaps, didn't get the ball thrown his way enough. It's telling that he was traded immediately AFTER a VICTORY on Monday Night Football.

> Why trade him back to the team that originally drafted him, the Minnesota Vikings? Well, he's already been there and done that but this time, he's paired with Brett Favre, a legendary quarterback. He WILL be in the NFL Hall of Fame. The Vikings know what they're getting.

> Balance that argument with the fact that Moss was already playing with one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Tom Brady. He will also be in the Hall.

Here's an opinion piece that you can check out too.

It's great to be back. Your patience and encouragement have meant the world to me.

Alright, my non-sports fans. Time for you to chat it up and Enjoy!