Friday, February 18, 2011

Reggie Miller - Not on HOF Ballot?

Seriously? You've got to chat this up today.

Reggie Miller, the legendary Indiana Pacers forward whose clutch shooting took the Pacers to new heights, is apparently not on the NBA Hall of Fame ballot.

> The former UCLA star was MONEY at hitting last second shots, making mind-twisting 3 pointers and had the ability to get free (i.e. break away from tight defense) in order to get the shot off.
> He was a particularly deadly marksman when he played the NY Knicks in the 90's, often nailing a 3-pointer and then jawing with filmmaker Spike Lee, a die-hard Knicks fan who sat in the front row.
> Miller played his entire career with the Pacers -- who does that any more?
> Finally, the numbers: made 2506 3-point shots, averaged nearly 20 points a game, and according to the NYTimes, 3-times led the league in free throw percentages.
> If he's not on the ballot, why not?
> Why should he -- or shouldn't he?

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Unknown said...

His sister was a better player. No, seriously.

mity quinn said...

Aw, Marc, really? Reggie deserved to at least be on the ballot. Yes, Cheryl was amazing and one of the best female ball players EVAH! But Reggie at the 3 point line was $$.

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