Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I'm Talkin' About

Today's post is about the American past time!

> I wonder how Don Mattingly, the manager of the LA Dodgers, is going to do in his first year at the helm. He spent years as the #2 guy to Joe Torre at the Yankees and then the Dodgers.
> Mattingly was a Yankee and a good ball player in his day. He hit well and fielded well and was a team guy. He probably won't make the Hall of Fame but he knows the game.
> But it's quite a different thing between knowing the game and being a good bench boss.
> How will players respond to him? What will his style be? How does he motivate his players?
> Do ex-players make great managers?

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Unknown said...

Mattingly never won a playoff series as a player and will keep his streak intact with the Dodgers.