Monday, April 4, 2011

College Hoops Championships

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College basketball is on my brain. The men's NCAA Basketball Championship Game is tonight. The women's is tomorrow night. Here's what you can chat up:

> It's Butler vs. UConn (University of Connecticut)
> Both teams weren't expected to make it this far and that's the beauty of the tournament. Anything can and will happen.
> Butler was in the championship game last year, which was also an improbable appearance. They nearly beat Duke on a last second shot.
> At one point, Butler lost 5 of 6 games in the Horizon League, which is usually not considered the toughest league in college basketball. No offense but the ACC, Big Ten and Big East are ranked higher.
> UConn has been to the big dance (= final ) before and has won.
> They have an experienced coach in Jim Calhoun.

Here is where it's personal, for me.
> This is sort of a David (Butler) vs. Goliath (UConn) and I'm pulling for the little guy. Why?
> I like the way Butler plays -- as a team and in the system that their coach designed.
> They never give up.
> They play tough, old school, Indiana style basketball. That means defense and offense.
> No one player is more important than the other. In fact, with one of their best players on the bench Saturday, they pulled away from VCU.
> I like miracles. I believe in them.

Which, leads me to the women's championship game.
> Notre Dame pulled off a HUGE upset last night, beating the women of UConn.
> Not only was UConn the defending national champs but they had the best player in the country, Maya Moore. She's won the Wade Trophy three consecutive times. It's the equivalent of winning the Heisman Trophy three straight years.
> ND kept its poise, scored when they had to and shut down UConn when they needed to.
> It was...miraculous.

Talk it up and Enjoy!

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Unknown said...

KQ...I don't like to brag...and you know that...but I got in 3 pools this year. Went #1 seeds in one...#2 seeds in a second...and pick-em in the third. My third bracket...UConn and Butler in the title game. Now...if I'd only sent that to ESPN.

UConn cuts down the nets...but I love Blue II best.