Saturday, March 12, 2011

NFL Lock Out, Sports Round Up

Good morning!

Amazing how income tax time can knock me off my game! All those papers, all the faxing, etc.
Well, the BBQ is back on with a plateful of topics, starting with the NFL lock-out. Here's what you can chat about:
> Will there be a NFL football season in 2011? The players have been officially locked out.
> Why? The players and the team owners are at an impasse. Some of the many issues involved: an 18-game season instead of 16 and how to divide (allegedly) $9B a year.
> The NFL players union has voted to decertify and has filed an anti-trust suit in federal court.
> Who's right? Who's wrong? Discuss.

Ohio State Football
> Head coach Jim Tressel has been suspended for 2 games because he was warned that some of his football players were selling their memorabilia. Tressel reportedly received an email from a former OSU player who is now an attorney. Tressel responded that he'd look into it ASAP but apparently didn't.
> When the players were found out, including star QB Terrelle Pryor they were suspended for
the first 5 games of the upcoming season.
> Now Tressel is suspended for the first two.
> Should he have been punished? If so, should it have been more severe?
> In a news conference, Tressel said he thought the email was supposed to be kept confidential. Is that a defense?
> Did you ever see this coming? Tressel's known as a class-act.

Enough for now. Discuss and enjoy!

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